why does anyone need a website?

Why do firms “need” email marketing? Or search engine optimization?

They don't really

Websites, SEO, email, AdWords, social media, and marketing automation are a new means to an end— tools deployed in an effort to achieve a desired result.

The market is teeming with agencies who happily sell these tools as though they are solutions to a business problem, so businesses get the result they asked for, but not the one they actually needed. Instead of growing businesses, they take a “band-aid” approach to marketing.

To make an analogy of the construction industry, the problem businesses outsourcing their marketing face is that most digital agencies are contractors serving a market that desperately needs architects.

If you give a contractor a job, they will do whatever you ask them to, which makes YOU the architect by default (so you’ll need to do a darn good job running the project if you want to be successful). Most business owners/executives aren’t digital marketers by trade, so they tend to make poor architects.*

If you have a leak, go ahead and fix it. But if you want to build out a new part of your business that feeds growth, you need a team that knows how to design and implement solutions that get beyond the sum of their parts.

If you believe that marketing is a gap to be bridged, a hole to be patched, a leak to be repaired, find a contractor to do that work— we will not think poorly of you. But if you believe that practicing good marketing will make your business more valuable, if you believe that making meaningful connections with customers will make your business more profitable, if you know that you’ve been leaving money on the table, estound would be proud to serve as your marketing architect.

*NOTE: There is a parallel between horror stories in dealing with home/construction contractors and similar tales of web projects gone wrong in the marketing space. My own inability to effectively guide a process I don’t know well always ends up being remembered as a conflict with a bad vendor, not a referendum on my skill in managing that vendor.

What do you REALLY need?

Or to ask in a different way, “What brought you here today?” Not a new website, not any of the “tools”, what were you really looking for? When business owners come to companies like ours they normally “need” one of four things:

  1. To grow sales, market share, or both
  2. To manage a changing landscape in the marketplace (a shift in offerings, audience, or both)
  3. To break bad internal habits in marketing and new media
  4. To better connect marketing spend with measurable results

What your business truly needs may be on our list, perhaps it isn’t. Regardless, where most agencies write proposals based on what they want to sell you, estound is an agency that begins every engagement with YOUR business needs — YOUR goals— and works backward into a plan designed to achieve them.

estound is an agency that wants to hear what you really want to accomplish, what your business really needs, and gets you there efficiently.