estounding success requires an astounding partnership

You bring your expertise and your desire to grow your business — we’ll bring decades of marketing and web expertise. Together we can achieve more than we ever could on our own.

Over the years, we have learned that success in an internet marketing project can only be achieved when client and agency are 50/50 partners in that success from start to finish. 

We enter every relationship based on the belief that we have the right tools to help you achieve success now, and based on the hope that you will want our team to continue serving you in the long term. 

Partnership and cooperation are everything to us and we look exclusively for clients that share that sentiment.


Sharing knowledge

We are counting on you, the client, to supply your industry-specific expertise and specific goals and objectives for the project. Good marketing never happens in a vacuum and this knowledge is critical to the success of any project. 

You are hiring us because we have decades of experience in graphics, website design, and marketing and because you want us to advise and consult throughout the process. As consultants, it is our job to tell a client openly and honestly when we disagree with their direction or when their direction violates and industry-accepted best practice.

If this is not the type of relationship you want with a web or marketing firm, we may not be a fit for you.

We are also happy to share experiences we have had with other firms in your industry, but we can not betray confidentiality.

Scope, time, + budget

We will do everything we can to complete your project to scope, on time, and on budget. However, this must be a cooperative effort.

Scope is determined before the project. If there are “must have” requirements for your project, please verify that they are documented in writing in your project estimate. That will ensure that we are aware of them, that we have budgeted for them, and that we are obligated to deliver them.

We will also do everything in our power to ensure that a project is completed within the agreed-upon timeline. You can help us by meeting all deadlines assigned to you and by providing prompt responses, notes, and approvals when requested.

If the scope is not changed after the start of a project, we will ALWAYS deliver on budget.

Meeting goals

It is our job to help the client meet their stated goals and objectives and we expect to be held accountable and to offer justification on any advice we give throughout the process and we believe that stated objectives should be used as a litmus test in every stage of a project.

We also pledge to do everything in our power — and within project scope — to make our clients happy and we take full responsibility for everything we do on a client’s behalf. But in the spirit of partnership we also ask our clients to take responsibility for the decisions they make and the direction they give throughout the process.

It takes both agency and client to make a project successful — but the more that we communicate and the more that we expect from each other, the better the results.