APPROVE your website for launch

By submitting this form I hereby approve my website for launch.

This approval also indicates the following:

  • I am satisfied with what was presented to me in the sandbox/development server and any questions or concerns that I had about the development site have been sufficiently answered by my estound account representative.
  • All requested corrections/changes have been made to my satisfaction.
  • I have been made aware of any/all changes outside of original project scope or managed marketing agreement and I agree to pay any outstanding invoices to this effect promptly.
  • If there are issues during launch pertaining to issues relating to my domain name, DNS configurations, email, host server, or any other conditions which are outside of the control/expertise of estound staff, providing a qualified IT vendor or technical support representative will be my responsibility.
  • It will be my responsibility to respond promptly to any requests made by estound staff during the launch process.
  • If all of the above conditions are met, barring an extreme circumstance, estound will have my site live and operational within 1-3 business days.
  • My 30-day site warranty begins now. During this period, estound is responsible for correcting any bugs/issues that are covered within project scope — issues or questions that raise additional project scope (and not covered by an existing managed marketing agreement) will need to be estimated and billed outside the original project agreement. Additional training (not covered by an existing managed marketing agreement) during this period and beyond will be considered out of scope.
  • After the 30-day warranty period is complete, any work on the client’s website (and not covered by an existing managed marketing agreement) will be considered out of scope and will be estimated/billed as a new project.
  • All final approved files created by estound hereby become my intellectual property provided that my account is paid in full.

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