planning profitable growth STEP BY STEP

Marketing never had a user manual… Until now.

For many small and midsize business leaders, marketing is full of “what ifs” — what if I got a new website, what if I had better search rankings, what if I tried direct mail… Would that get our company to the next level?

Unfortunately, the answer is usually “no,” and you quickly pivot to the next assortment of tactics, what if you advertise on Facebook, what if you get that billboard, what if you buy marketing automation software, and so on. Your marketing is not lacking because of your choice of  tactics— success is not a lottery ticket or a roulette table. 

Success happens when you set objectives that align with your organization’s success, when your budget aligns with achieving those objectives, and that budget is used to fund the right tactics aimed at the right people. 

The Unified Marketing System™ (UMS) shows you how to do exactly that, step by step. 

We built UMS around those ideas exactly: the necessity of adaptation and the need to interact WITH your market, not onto it.

UMS provides a standardized set of strategies, best practices, and customizable templates allowing any business to concept/build/deploy customer-centric marketing plans and tactics and effectively/objectively measure success.

How does UMS help address your marketing goals?

Where is your marketing approach succeeding or failing?

Most importantly though UMS serves as a constant reminder that marketing is a process that never really ends. We do this dance over and over again, learning, improving, gaining efficiencies, and rolling with whatever unexpected punches come our way.

None of this implies perfection, no baseball player maintains a 1.000 batting average, no investor always picks the right stock, no courier delivers on-time every time. The purpose of having a consistent approach though — the reason we keep performing the dance — is not that we want to, or ever can guarantee success, but simply to increase the chances of success by minimizing the risk of failure.

“estound’s methods have transformed our business. The discipline they gave us helped us survive through tough times and then thrive with years of double-digit growth. This process works and we are evidence of it.”

- David DeCamillis, VP Sales & Marketing, Platte River Networks

Buy the Unified Marketing System™ guide book today:

This unabridged guide to UMS details:

  •  How to define long and short-term success
  •   How to run a successful marketing meeting
  •   How to best reach your target customer
  •   How to budget towards your goals
  •   How to plan a successful marketing campaign
  •   How to choose the right tactics
  •   How to measure your success
  •   How to strategically adjust based on results


We provide the methods, exercises, insight, and templates to help you avoid costly mistakes while planning for a profitable future. 


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