ROYAL CREST DAIRY: Business reinvention

HOW - and why - we reimagined one of Colorado’s MOST BELOVED companies.

For almost a century, Royal Crest Dairy has delivered milk to the doorsteps of Front Range families. But to win new, younger, pandemic-stressed homeowners, it had to disrupt its time-tested processes.

People wanted digital carts, not paper checklists.

People wanted plant-based alternatives, not just cow milk.

People wanted to avoid the grocery, and get staples delivered.

In short, people wanted a lot. And they wanted it right away.

The opportunity was clear. But only if Royal Crest could revolutionize the way it had done business for generations. Without offending a stateful of loyal fans.

No pressure, right?

Seizing a new opportunity meant building a new platform.

We designed and built a smooth, intuitive online ordering system. And used bright, clean product photography to mimic the experience of a local grocery. 

Our navigation strategy drove awareness of the expanded product list. With a couple clicks, customers filled their carts with not just milk, but meats, breads, eggs, cheeses, seasonal treats and more.

Behind the design was a robust tech stack, with SEO and a backend inventory system that – for the first time – helped Royal Crest drivers get an accurate count before they set out on their morning mission.

Messaging with the (super)market in mind.

Royal Crest became Colorado’s favorite by putting customers first. So we made sure everyone’s voice was heard. We conducted user surveys that allowed us to overlay VOC data on top of our communication plan. This data directed an effective email decision tree. And helped us install marketing automation that (nicely) reminded customers to get their orders in early.

Reaching digital-first homeowners meant meeting them online. So we accelerated Royal Crest’s social media and content platforms with information about new products and education about new processes.

Throughout, we tested our assumptions using win/loss and other tools from the Unified Marketing System. Because tastes change. But marketing fundamentals never go out of style.

Delivering results. (Along with some delicious oat milk.)

We helped Royal Crest Dairy seize the opportunity created by new technology and the coronavirus pandemic.

Email open rates were ___. Click thru on social ads ___. Customer base increased by ___. Customer attrition was __. Site traffic was up by ___. Average order size increased ___. LTV increased by ___.

With the right mix of progressive thinking and marketing rigor, we were able to recreate a classic ordering experience for a new generation of Coloradans. And set Royal Crest up for another 95 years of success.

The UMS method has transformed our business. The discipline it gave us helped us survive through tough times and then thrive with years of double-digit growth. This process works and we are evidence of it.

David DeCamillis
VP Sales & Marketing, Platte River Networks

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