award-winning for Good Reason.

Unwavering dedication to our clients’ success is only one of the reasons estound is one of Colorado’s favorite agencies.

There comes a time for many businesses where growth slows down, where the upward slope of progress levels off into a plateau and company executives are left looking out into the horizon, wondering how they can reinvigorate their sales/marketing channels.

Or perhaps we are already accelerating revenue at a good pace and the CEO is looking for ways to pour fuel on the fire and take advantage of an opportunity that doesn’t come around very often.

Or perhaps changing market or regulatory conditions are creating issues or opportunities and your team needs a roadmap to either weather the storm or crest a rising wave.

Every day we work with business owners and executives facing difficult scenarios — and we are fully committed to delivering results that will not only improve the bottom line for our clients but also thrill their clients and customers.

Depth of Experience

We have provided marketing and consulting services for a wide breadth of industries including both B2B and B2C firms, professional services, information technology, engineering, consumer home delivery, legal, healthcare, ecommerce, consumer packaged goods, engineering, financial services, liquor/spirits, human resources, software, and more. We have worked with multigenerational family businesses, mature businesses at the precipice of a big evolution, young upstarts, and everything in between.

We WILL challenge you

You tell us where you need your business to go and we will deliver a plan to get you there. Sometimes we’re going to make suggestions that you won’t expect. Sometimes we learn things in the discovery process that forces us to rethink our direction, but we will always be honest and direct even if we have to report bad or unexpected news. Sometimes we may come to conclusions that challenge your expectations. But our belief is that most progress exists outside of our comfort zones: marketing is really no different. Our clients tend to not only grow their business in measurable ways with our help, they also grow as executives.

A relentless focus on results

Remarkable work can only be created when there is a goal and a way to track progress toward the goal incrementally, so you always know how you are doing. Our policy as an agency is that objectives and key results (OKRs) should always be identified at the start of an engagement and that we should always be measuring, analyzing, and reporting against them. Of course, numbers are far from the only concern we have in managing a client — there are many shades of success and failure that will never appear on a line chart. Ultimately, though, our intention is to be accountable for data-based results and we will not take on a client where we don’t believe we can make a measurable impact.

Great marketing requires an amazing team

Erik Wolf


Erik Wolf is estound‘s founder, a seasoned marketer, a national speaker, a Top 200 Content Strategist, and author of two books: Blog For Business and the award winning Marketing Unmasked. Erik serves as creative lead on virtually all estound projects. 

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Greg Bond

{Principal, CoO}

Greg has been working in online marketing and advertising since 2007. Since joining estound in 2011, Greg has written thousands of pages of web copy, optimized thousands of pages for search engine performance, and served as strategic lead on dozens of accounts.

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Hannah Helt

{Client Services Manager}



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