What is Inbound Marketing and how will it help my business?

Inbound marketing is a process by which businesses use content — served through a variety of media including their website, social media, and email — to draw visitors, convert them to leads and help shepherd them through the sales funnel.

And, when combined with automated marketing tools, which simplify the process of identifying, segmenting, and nurturing those leads, inbound marketing is one of the most profitable activities any small or growing business can undertake.

Inbound and automation address a fundamental — and sometimes crippling — issue that many small business owners and managers battle every day: limited staff and resources make it difficult to effectively manage a sales funnel.

With marketing automation and inbound marketing comes the potential to not only compensate for this shortcoming but potentially to make lead conversion, nurturing, and management a competitive strength instead of a liability.

Did we invent inbound?

Inbound marketing is not a terribly new practice, and no we did not invent it. But we were undoubtedly among the first firms (if not the very first firm) to adapt inbound strategies for small business and — specifically — for WordPress websites. In fact, we were giving public presentations about best practices for inbound marketing and affordable applications for small business as early as 2010.

We also invented the first true small business marketing automation software in ORBTR, which has been available since 2013.

So while we would never claim to have created inbound marketing or marketing automation, we did create both the methods and the means for small businesses to profit from it.

If you want to discuss inbound marketing for your organization, talk to the team who knows it better than anyone in the business.