forget what you think an agency's role is.

we Exist to solve communication problems between businesses and their customers

When most people think about what an advertising or marketing agency typically does, they picture the smooth-talking executive in an immaculately-tailored suit, working a boardroom and pitching the next big creative twist that’s sure to separate millions of Americans from their money.

That’s no longer a reality, if it ever was. Nowadays, and especially in the absence of gigantic budgets, we can’t simply tell people what we want them to buy and expect them to go along with it.

Of course, we still engage in marketing with the intent that our efforts will drive measurable results, now more than ever. But our customers have needs and expectations as well and as businesspeople, we often miss the messages and signals they are trying to send us.

In the end, what we have is a clash of selfish interests: a business that wants to drive revenue against a customer that needs to solve a problem and requires a high level of comfort to make a selection.

Our role is to bridge that gap— to establish a common language between companies and their market, craft messages and media, and align interests so that everyone wins.

Our team at estound is here to walk you through the process, teach you how to listen to direct and indirect market feedback and work with you to develop a strategy that caters to what your customers are looking for and bakes their response back into the plan at every stage.

You outline WHAT your organization needs to accomplish, we’ll figure out HOW to get there and what tactics will be required. Our toolbox includes: