Your blogs are building blocks

Many people fall into the trap of obsessing over every single blog post. But the thing to remember is that a structure is not just about the pieces that comprise it but its strength as a whole. Your blog is no different, and it’s helpful to think of each post as a building block.

A single building block isn’t a very good toy. There really isn’t much you can do with it and no matter how long you stare at it or how many ways you try to manipulate it you’re still not likely to create anything remarkable with it.  But if you add few more blocks to the mix, the dynamic changes quickly. Suddenly you can build a variety of things. Add a hundred more blocks and the possibilities are virtually endless.

The same idea holds true for blogging. The more we obsess about trying to perfect a single post, the longer it takes us to get to the “fun” part — when we start seeing organic search traffic grow, when our social media stream is always current and when the process of creating longer pieces like white papers and ebooks becomes almost as simple as, well, building with blocks.

Try not to lose sight of the big picture when you’re struggling to form that one block perfectly.