CTA’s are critical to your site and converting leads

Call to actions (CTA’s) are one of the most important aspects of your website. They are usually the first thing people see when they visit your website, they ask people to perform a specific action on your page, and they convert visitors into leads.

So what is a CTA? Here are a few examples we use often:

  • Sign up for our newsletter
  • Join our e-mail list
  • Receive a free white paper
  • Download our e-book
  • Receive a free consult

These are great examples of CTA’s: they are quick, to the point, and they offer the visitor something. CTA’s should take no work on the visitor’s part to complete them. Name and email address is all they should need to fill out in order to complete the CTA and receive whatever they were wanting. They should not be overly “sales-y.” And as we recently learned, they should not be a popup, but should be built into your web design. They should stand out: be a vibrant color, be prominent on the page, and leave a lasting impression.

Think about what you want your visitors to do, what they are coming to your site for, what you can offer them, etc. The CTA’s can lead to landing pages with more info or to a form to fill out. CTA’s help convert visitors into leads. It makes them take a specific action on your site. If they fill out a form, you can automatically track their behavior every time they return to your site. Make sure your website has a clear and direct call to action, and if you don’t, talk to us today about adding one (:



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